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40 Hour - 5 Day Course designed to instruct officers how to conduct operations safely as a tactical tracking team.

This course is 100% camouflage at all times. Officers will learn how to track and apply techniques learned to many aspects of Law Enforcement to include intelligence gathering while conducting tracking operations.

The course content includes:

  • Tracking team formations and how to adjust the formations for different terrain

  • Common Booby trap recognition

  • Combat Tracking Techniques

  • Immediate action drills using non-lethal training ammunition

  • Tactical team development and training activities

  • Operations Planning and command & control during the track

  • Tactical Team Patrol operations

  • Point man techniques

  • Interpreting top and ground sign when obvious footprints are not found

  • Lost track procedure and sign cutting techniques

  • How to recognize common deception tactics

  • Determining the age of sign/ spoor

  • Track pursuit drills

  • Making proper use of all senses for maximum awareness in back country

  • Officers will expect to use these techniques through out the course to include night operations

  • Lost communications protocol

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