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Basic Combat Tracking is a course designed to instruct students on how to visually track groups in a military environment.

We work with you and your agency to designing a program to fit your specific needs. Training for combat operations in the pursuit of combatants and patrol operations. This is a 40 hour course. The course covers:

  • History of tracking

  • Basic tracking techniques

  • Visual tracking

  • Introduction to counter surveillance

  • Route reconnaissance

  •  Convoy security

  • Track pursuit drills

  • Making proper use off all senses for maximum awareness in back country

  • Tracking team formations and how to adjust the formations for different terrain

  • Immediate action drills

  • Operations planning and command & control during the track

  • Lost track procedure and sign cutting

  • Lost communications protocol

  • Determining the age of sign/spoor

  • Interpreting top and ground sign when obvious footprints are not found

  • Scenario based training


Please contact us to discuss our attractive fee schedule and to customize a class to best meet your mission and objectives.

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