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This is not a military endorsement.

Sgt Stewart, Security Forces, Combat Arms Instructor, and Active Shooter Instructor. Multiple Deployments: Operation Enduring Freedom (FOB Shindand)

Over the past several years I have read just about every book on tracking both animal and man out there. I contacted other trackers around the USA and Mr. Fernando Moreira was suggested to me to train with do to our location to each other.

I was open minded yet skeptical at first of Mr. Moreira abilities. After all the stories I've read about trackers abilities one can not help but be a little skeptical. Unknowingly to Mr. Moreira, he confirmed everything I had read, from visual tracking, ageing of trackers, to even tracking blindfolded/in the dark without the use of any light source just by touch. Of course the different techniques are used on the different terrains.

At my second training session with Mr. Moreira taught me a technique that I had not read in any of the books. Tracking by sound variants.

So far Mr. Moreira has taught me in various terrain consisting of: pine forest, sand, desert, oak forest, gravel pits and urban. One does not get to Mr. Moreira level by training on one type of terrain.

Tactical Tracking Class. In this class you're given the knowledge to single out one specific person if need be and follow him/her and create a basic profile based only upon the knowledge you'll gain from Mr. Moreira. Is this a male or female, injured or not if injured what type of injuries, where did they stop to rest, where they looked to the left or right, looked up or down, carrying a ruck sack on back, front or slung over a shoulder, was this persons hands restrained to the front or behind. The amount of information you can gather from the collection of prints can be down right creepy. You can get a very intament connection to a person just by understanding the signs in the prints.

Predeployment, Sustainment and Upgrade training. My personal opinion, Mr. Moreiras Tactical Tracking Class should be part of all predeployment training. If separated from team the isolated personnel (IP) can be sure he/she is following the correct prints back to the team. Instead of wondering in circles burning valuable calories and hydration while avoiding enemy contact. Identifying possibly boobytraps and IEDs so you don't set them off and give away your position.

In conclusion, Mr. Moreira is my GOTO guy for tracking being a third generation tracker and tracking literally his whole life. Beating out Ret. Special Forces personnel who promote themselves as Combat and Tactical Trackers.


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