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Having spent 20 plus years in the military, in both active and reserve and having been either assigned to or attached to Special Operations units and deployed in combat environments and also with Federal Law Enforcement, Fernando’s Tactical Tracking Course is one the most outstanding courses I’ve received. I’ve had previous visual tracking training in both military and Federal Law Enforcement but the 40 hours of instruction I received has out done anything I’d received before.

His hands on instruction and knowledge is far superior than any other. His real world experience outshines any other “tracker” that I know of. Not only does he instruct on how to visual track someone with the basics but he shows “tricks” that he’s learned in over 50 years of tracking in both Search And Rescue and Tactical Tracking, beginning as a Portugese Commando, tracking Communist guerillas during the Angolan War. He’s done real world counter-

Narcotic operations across the U.S. involving Illegal growing of marijuana.

The class covers small unit tactics of following a track and the stress of not only the tracker but also of security. Students are rotated to learn all functions of a Tactical Tracking Team, Team Leader, Right/Left Flank, Tracker, Rear Security, just to mention a few of the positions required. His training includes night tracking as well.

His course is fast paced, full of knowledge. The Basic Course just touches on the skills of the Tactical Tracker, Advanced, and Scout Tracker goes even deeper and HIGHLY recommended to anyone interested in learning the

Techniques of visual tracking in the tactical environment.





304TH PSYOP/3RD SFG(A) OEF-A 2003-2004

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